How Social Media is shaping the future of Politics and Elections?

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The evolution of social media gives voices to voiceless and has been shattered among common people which is negligible in the traditional media.

The major expansion in social media is due to the young generation as they dedicate most of their time to online platforms, and everyone including Political parties is conscious about this reality and tries to connect and influence the young generation.

The political parties and politicians started using Social Media Marketing for communication and campaigning purposes to influence voters, which in turn saves their time, money and resources, giving them a larger audience for interaction. Political campaigns are not just confined to rallies and banners for politicians to reach their voters. The new age political field is full of advertisements, live sessions, infomercials, blog posts, and lakhs of tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts and more. Politicians are now able to easily express their message through endless commercials and gauge their communication by viewing direct responses to their actions on social media channels.

Social media has so many influences upon politics that some of the users prefer to use growth services like Instagram or Facebook growth services to enhance the follower count on their profile. Soon the platform connecting political campaign management professionals will also be appointed by the parties to propagate themselves.

Social Media Campaign creates an Innovative Political Conversation.

The power of political messaging through campaigns is withdrawn from the mass media model and firmly placed into the social media domain. The institution of social media has allowed unparalleled opportunities and arrangement for politicians for communicating their policies and messages and view opinions of citizens on social media campaigns.

Positive Impact of Social Media

One of the positive impacts of social media has been that the youth is actively participating in political issues. Formerly the political discussions were constrained only to those who read newspapers, viewed news channels or contributed in discussions with a group of people in a village or clubs. But now, social interaction has made every citizen of India to discuss political issues.

The audience employs time to analyse, discuss politics and have their views on the recent happenings of political events and also influence the administrative decision making.

These online platforms help reach a wider new audience and convey information to specific social groups which they may not have been able to access previously. Social media evolution in the Indian political domain is accelerating, factual, and perceivable. Social media platforms have the ability to bring massive changes instantaneously, hence it plays a vital role for political awareness in a developing country like India.

Social Media creates profound Transparency and Trust 

Highlighting your political motives at every level brings out the genuine side of your objectives. Showcasing campaigns, asking about their interests and issues, face-to-face communication on screens will make them realise their voices are being heard and maybe they can even make a difference; therefore encourage them to support you. Audience will quickly notice the candidate’s dedication and the desire to hold an honest relationship—one that creates loyalty for a lifetime.

Use of Social Media

Nowadays, no campaign manager will overlook or ignore the eminent online platforms such as social media. They grab every single opportunity to utilise a candidate’s social media in the most effective way. Every politician and parties now have their official accounts on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. for establishing a more interactive system. Acharya Elections, one of the best political consulting firms set up Social Media Cells to professionally handle these Social Media accounts and publish all the necessary information. All the Messages and Complaints received from users on these platforms are promptly responded to and are taken into account. At the ECI level, a Social Media Cell is also set up to spread all election-related information to various stakeholders and to monitor the performance of the State, District or UTs and to guide and train them to maximise the use of Social Media, making it more interactive and interesting for the general public. As an election management company, we closely monitor the PR and web for election-related news and developments and regularly report to the officials.

Adequate steps towards a strategic approach to social media

The seven steps listed below will help to construct an effective social media strategy:

  1. Construct key aspects that will guide the use of social media for the candidate/parties
  2. Connect and share resources needed to implement the online strategy
  3. Develop guidelines for implementing the strategy
  4. Analyse links with other institutional strategies and policies
  5. Identify key audiences using social media
  6. Determine possible risks and scenarios and ways of addressing them through social media
  7. Measure the results and review the strategy


Social media is only one of many aspects of digital PR that will surely work seamlessly together. However, if you take advantage of these platforms now, you can ensure that your voice will be heard by millions before the next election rolls around!

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