War Room Management

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War Room Management

Finalization of strategies and complete competitor analysis and quick action/reaction and decision making process is taking place through the War room management system. Acharya, the best election management company in Mumbai takes care of every minute details before the election date. We maintain a complete database of voters and active opponent details. We make swift measures and provide a decision making process in every minute plan customisation based on voters’ mentality on and before election.

our specialists

are all set to serve you a
complete to-do list.

Set-up monitoring room with computers, information examiner, analysts, technical support, and skilled IT staff.
Manage all social media campaigns keping voters in mind
Ensuring rallies and favorable voters result
Quick action with efficient strategy 
Regular contact with voters 
Inform electoral head about voter’s response
Manage voter turnout and response via call center
Promotional jingles and video film (Documentary Service)

War Room Management

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